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Web hosting is a service provided by web hosts to upload sites on the internet. This service provides us means to get visible on the internet. WebHostIs.com, your web hosting buddy, has after thorough research, picked 7 most affordable, reliable and reasonably dependable web hosts who have already established their products in global market. These web hosting companies are in the market for more than a decade, this shows their standing in the market. They are equally popular among individuals to fortune 500 companies.

The main task of these web hosting service providers is to produce user-friendly environments for their clients. They make it easy for their customers to have full control on their websites. The website owners can edit their websites whenever they want and make changes in the appearance of their website formats and, can publish them on the internet by themselves according to their wish and liking.

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A good web host should have at least 99.99% up-time, only then website owner can available online always, and people can find them almost 24/7 on the internet. Their data centers and co-locations are globally located in various places such as North America, Europe, and Asia, that’s why they are reasonably dependable and trustworthy. At WebHostIs.com we try our level best to find out most economical, convenient, easy to handle and dependable web hosts who are equally popular among individuals as well as in well-established net-businesses.

Understanding Web Hosting

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A beginner or a novice always get confused in selection of a right web host. Many questions arise in their mind, such as ….. What is web hosting? How does it work? What type of web hosting a beginner should start with? What should be checked before picking up a web hosting service? These are some of the basic questions arises in the mind of a novice. Let’s understand what is Web Hosting…..


Web hosting is a service that makes any website visible on the internet. When you make a website and want other people to see it, you will need to publish or upload it with a web hosting service. Web hosting service provider stores your website’s files and database in high-powered networking servers. Servers are those computers which are specifically made for various forms of networking.


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When someone types in your web address such as www.webhostis.com, the internet connect it to your web host that holds your website files and then conveys your website’s information back to the surfers’ computer. From there they can view the pages of your website.

Web hosting companies own these servers and manage the software, provide security, support, bandwidth and speed and, deals with other technical issues of those servers. These servers are mostly located closer to the satellite stations or main telecommunications centers. They are known as Data Centers.


Web hosting service providers mostly have their own data centers and are connected to various collocations all over the world. This makes it easy to connect your website within few seconds in any part of the world where the internet works.

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